Valentines Party Games For All the Family

Valentines party games can add some fun and enjoyment to your Valentines Day party. What is usually thought of as a romantic day for couples can turn into fun for all the family. Having a Valentines Day party is now becoming popular with families, who have a party late afternoon and so the kids have some fun then the adults can go for a romantic meal in the evening. So gather all your friends and family and let’s start spreading some love!

So what do you do in a Valentines Day party? First, why not put up a few decorations? Keep to a red and white theme and add cupids and red roses. Valentines Day party ideas for food include any types of party food but but a little card in front of each dish with giving the foods different names such as sexy strawberries or romantic rice!

But how do you keep everyone entertained?

  • The Pairs Game – In teams of two (the magic number!), the first player starts off by naming something then the other player has to name something that goes with it. For example, bread AND butter, Mickey AND Minnie, burger AND fries, table AND chair etc.
  • The Lipstick Game – Choose one person who will be ‘It’ and cover they’re mouth in red lipstick. They then need to chase everyone a successfully plant a smacker on all of the other guests.
  • Rhymes – Make up your own Valentines Day rhymes. These are usually based around “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.”
  • Valentines Day Crafts – As well as Valentines party games why not get the kids (and adults!) making Valentines cards, decorating sweet jars with hearts and making paper flowers. If you have some moulds you could also make Valentines Day chocolates which could then be put into a decorated box. These make great gifts!
  • Find Cupid – Hide a plastic or soft toy cupid and give everyone clues. See who can find him first.
  • Pass the Heart – Use a soft toy heart (about the size of an orange) and play like pass the orange. Everyone stands in a line, the person in the front of the line puts the heart under their chin. The heart is then passed along the line from chin to chin without dropping it. If you have quite a few guests make up a few teams to see which team can get the heart to the end of the line the quickest.
  • Cupids Surprise – Wrap up small Valentines Day trinkets in many layers and play like pass the parcel or hot potato.

Then after all those Valentines party games cozy up with some champagne chocolates and a romantic film!