Valentine’s Dessert For Kids

You may not know it yet but most kids really do love to cook. In fact, kids just love it when they are cooking something sweet that they can eat later and take satisfaction that they made it. With that said, here are some Valentine’s Day dessert ideas you can make with your kids so as to share some fun times with them during this Valentine’s Day.

Almost everyone, if not everyone in the world loves chocolate, and even scientific research shows that eating a bit of dark chocolate is good for your health. While you are reading this, it’s important to take note that you must not tell this fact to your kids, or else, you’ll definitely regret it for the rest of your parenting life.

Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day and vice versa. One easy thing you can help your kids do is to make some yummy chocolate cupcakes. Most of the time, you can choose your favorite cake or cupcake recipe and just throw into the mix some melted chocolate to add in the sweetness of the dessert. Always remember that this is still dependent on the recipe. But anyways, just to make it more special, add in some icing on top for an interesting twist.

Another kid favorite would be jell-o. Until now, I have never seen a child uninterested with this tasty treat. Turn the jell-o into something fit to be Valentine’s food by creating shapes out of it resembling the holiday. Use cookie cutters shaped as hearts, cupids, lips or alphabet letters to make cooking the dessert a more fun activity. A better idea would be to make your kids cut the gelatin themselves after it has been set. Most of the time, you’ll be surprised by their new found creativity.

Speaking of creativity, why not take it a notch higher by letting your kids decorate the Valentine’s dessert with their choice of icing, sprinkles and candy? Cupcakes, cakes and brownies are perfect for this idea since these decorative tools blend well with these confections to enhance them further. If you don’t have an icing bag, you can always use an ordinary plastic storage bag cut with a small hole in the corner as an alternative for your kids to use. Just imagine the children putting in words and pictures depicting love on a cake for Valentine’s Day. Now, isn’t that a swell idea?