Valentine’s Day Class Party

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate love and exchange gifts with your loved ones. Kids should not be left out on this day. Organizing a class party is a great way to have fun on this special day. To add extra excitement to a class party, rent an inflatable. Children enjoy playing in bounce houses, combo slides, and dry and wet slides. They love to slide and bounce and you can make this Valentine’s Day class party one to remember. There are various valentine games you can organize to make the day memorable for the kids.

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Play Cupid Says in the Red Castle

Red is considered to be the color of love and what better way to celebrate the day than in a red inflatable castle. Gather the kids into the castle and play “Cupid Says.” This is a Valentine’s Day version of “Simon Says.” Let the kids come up with fun things to say such as “cupid says give someone a piece of candy or card.” The kids will enjoy being in the castle as they play the game.

Valentine’s Day Water Slide

Kids like playing with water and they have even more fun when they go down a wet slide. To make the slide even more exciting, color the water. Make the water red or pink using food coloring. The kids will love the change in water color and they will be more eager to get on the wet slide. Use craft foam to cut out hearts and attach them to the sides of the water slide.

Candy Relay in the Sports Arena

Make the Valentine’s Day class party thrilling with a candy relay in an inflatable sports arena. For this activity, divide the class into two teams. Ask the kids to line up and offer a pair of mittens to the first player on the line. Each player should have some wrapped candy. The first player has to unwrap their candy within the shortest time with the mittens on. The kids get to eat the candy once it is unwrapped and then pass on the mittens to the next player in the line. This is a fun game, which is made even more exciting when the kids are in the sports arena.

Candy Bingo in the Pretty Flower Combo

The pretty flower combo is a combination of a bounce house and slide and it offers the perfect place to play candy bingo during the Valentine’s Day class party. Ask the kids to gather in the bounce house and offer each one a bag of candy and a bingo card. To play the game, the kids will fill the spaces on their cards with candy pieces. You will call out a certain candy and the kids have to match it with their own candy and place it on the card. The first person to call out bingo will have a chance to go on the slide. The kids can then enjoy the candy once the game is over.