Top 5 Places Not for First Dates

Ah, yes… the first date with your potential life partner. Exhilarating as it may seem, it is usually the cause of too much stress as well! Way before the fuss of deciding which outfit best suits you on that heart-pounding day, comes the choice of where the venue of your first date should be. I tell you, this is not as easy as it may seem. The wrong setting could spell catastrophe so you must choose very well. If you are hoping to snag a second date and eventually fall in love with that special someone, you have to steer clear of these places.

“Let’s meet up at my place and I’ll cook you some mouth-watering dinner!” Yeah, and then you might just be the main dish he or she is planning to cook and store in the refrigerator for the next few years or so! Never go to somebody’s house on the first date. You never really know what kind of person your new dating partner is in real life. This could be a trap where you can get raped, robbed and be a victim of a whole bunch of despicable things. It’s also not nice to invite your dating partner over your house as it could creep him or her out and have them concerned about their safety.

Family Occasions
You may think that inviting your date to a family gathering is a quick way to introduce the love of your life. But then, if it’s just your first date, it is the kind of pressure you and your partner don’t need. Heck, you don’t even know if you would ever want to see him or her again! What if he turns out to be a narcissistic, arrogant jerk? Or a gold-digger, nagging, egocentric woman? This is the sort of embarrassment you can definitely do without. So think again before inviting your date over to your sister’s engagement party! Likewise, think about the awkwardness of meeting your date’s entire family when you don’t even know his last name yet. To put it in a nutshell, families and first dates simply don’t blend well.

Fast Food Joint, Food Court in a Mall and the Movie Theatre
If you don’t have enough cash to take someone out to a great place, then you really shouldn’t be dating – you should be searching for a job. Nothing says “I am a cheapskate” like taking your date to fast food place. Malls are equally repulsive as well, unless the love of your life is a teenager. A mall date implies that you are not creative enough to think of any other interesting destinations to go to. In other words, you’re dull. Taking your date to a movie is also not a good idea. When you’re on your first date, you are supposed to get to know each other by talking, and you can’t do that inside the movie theatres without getting dirty looks from other members of the audience.

Bar or Dance Club
Save your dance club or bar nights with your friends! Taking your date here might just get your distracted because of too many people and so much noise. Keep in mind too that bars and dance clubs are always teeming with drunkards and weirdoes. You really don’t want someone falling onto your table while your date is telling you about his or her ideal lifetime partner, right?

Place of Worship
Never mix romance with religion on your first date. People often feel uneasy going to another person’s place of worship or religious event. So unless you share the same views about religion, both of you will be better off nowhere near churches and temples. For all you know, your date might even be an atheist, or worse, has a deep hatred for your religious affiliation. The last thing you would want to have on your first date is a heated argument about religion.

First dates are all about two people taking a chance on love by getting to know each other a lot more. This can only happen in a place where there’s no awkwardness, distractions and pressure. So better make sure you take your partner to the right place where it isn’t hard to talk, listen and just be yourselves.