Love Can Be a Table For One

Once again, it’s that time of year and Cupid the ridiculous rug rat in a diaper will be letting arrows fly indiscriminately. If you are smart, then you will HIDE and hope that one doesn’t come your way. Yup that’s right, I did say hope. Why? Because he is a baby, what does HE know about who is right for you? You could end up with a monkey for all you know. In fact, it might be preferable at that.

Oh wait, YOU believe in the whole red roses and chocolate thing and It’s depressing because you think that no one cares enough to buy you anything? Buy some for yourself. Make it a gorgeous bouquet, one worthy of someone you love deeply. Come on, if you can’t love you, who else is going too?

OK so you bought into the whole arrow with your name on it, in his quiver thing? No worries. This is really a blessing in disguise, and once you stop crying, I will tell you why. First, it is so much better to fly solo and be happy than to be with someone just to have them and be miserable. YES IT IS, and that is not just a platitude to keep the chunky folks happy. This is the truth. Oh and before you call PETA or whoever else you might call when you get all up in arms about stuff, I was referring to those individuals who will be downing B & Js Chunky Monkey on sweet Valentines day. Remember I told you I would rather be with a Monkey. I don’t lie.

Now, get yourself together. You don’t need curli-locks or his silly holiday. Think, has Valentines Day EVER been fun or has it always filled with the angst of “what if? What if you find yourself alone? What if you break up just days before, should you get back together for those few days? Now who looks silly?

Come on, maybe, VDAY was fun in Grade 2,but that was only because our teacher made us give out Valentines to the WHOLE class so everyone was sure to go home with 26 cards. I will admit I used to LOVE picking out the box of cards, and figure out which of my friends deserved the REALLY good ones.

Are you worried that you might not find the perfect someone for you in time? That same ‘Time’ that is running out on your attractiveness meter?

Well you can stop worrying. There is no Geneva Convention or ‘warranty’ time out, on the time issue. At every age and every stage of your life, be ready for love, because it can find you anywhere, and I am sure, that when it does, You will seem like the most beautiful or handsome and ‘WELCOME’ addition to their world. So don’t fear, you can put that issue to bed. My grandmother met her second husband at the tender age of 75, (the groom was 84) while they were both visiting their respective partners graves. See!! Proof!

What’s next?

You aren’t you lovable enough? Who told you that crap? GET DOWN. Come on, right now. We are going to STOP this nonsense! This is EXTREME NLP. Give me 5 right now. PUSH UPS what else? Plus 5 reasons why YOU are lovable.

Does your dog or cat like you? Mine thinks I am pretty OK and he is a great judge of character, (ok he lets anyone in with food, but so do I, don’t you?).

I figure if I am good enough for the dog, he is leaps ahead of some of the men I have dated, so by that reasoning I must be ok, right?

Anyway, really, what do you need with someone else when you have yourself? Isn’t that what the ‘experts’ tell you? Learn to love yourself. If you don’t, who will?

Well I don’t know about you but I can convince myself for a few minutes anyway that I am reasonably attractive, presumably intelligent, can still see my feet and have a great sense of humor. I bet you are too!

I am sure that we both know how easy it is to make up all sorts of excuses why no one should like us, wouldn’t like us, or couldn’t possibly like us, but they would be very lies, and lying is technically and morally wrong.

I know that there is nothing wrong with you except lack of confidence and low self esteem. In fact, I want you to admit that you are responsible for being single right now. That’s it come on, take back your power.

You are single because you haven’t found anyone worthy of you. Anyone who has similar values, or moral code, or Anyone who will talk into the wee hours of the night and really share their feelings or make you laugh until your sides hurt or make love to you until your body aches. Ok, well maybe you have found one person with ONE of these qualities but not all of them. I mean you wouldn’t be that dumb to let them go now would you? Didn’t think so.

So why not honor the person who deserves your love the most this holiday. Besides when you really think of it, wouldn’t it be safer to be alone on a holiday whose initials are VD?):

I promise to love me and treat me with the kindness and respect I deserve. I know that I would never accept the type of abuse from anyone else that I give to myself. Why should I accept it from me? Why should you?

If you are single and feeling like Love will never come your way then please stand up right now, look at yourself in the mirror and realize, that love is a part of you everyday. Love is the way you wear your comfy pj’s. Love is the coffee you made yourself this morning. Love is that pretty bracelet you put on today and love is the way you made yourself get up and go to work.

Love is the home you made for yourself, love is the friends you nurture and love is the family you keep in touch with. Love is brushing your teeth, combing your hair and reading a great book. Love is not worrying about whether you will ever find a mate. LOVE is looking after you and making sure you live your life to the fullest enjoyment possible, and that means whether or not a man or a woman is part of it or not. It means being ready and able to accept love when it knocks at your door but for today, Love means taking yourself out on a Special Valentines Date. Today I love you and I love me. Love is saying,”Waiter, a Table for One Please!”

At the critical juncture

of all human relationships,

There is only ONE question,

” What would love do now?”

No other question has any

relevance to your soul.

Hear someone (* YOURSELF)

at heart level today frankie picasso