Love and Passion Behind Saint Valentine’s Day Plus Unusual Gifts for Your Special Valentine

Saint Valentine’s Day goes back nearly 2000 years and on that day couples have given each other precious tokens of their love. So, today, let us look at the love and passion behind Saint Valentine’s Day plus unusual gifts for your special valentine.

In fact, there really was a Saint Valentine. He lived in the 3rd Century A.D. and died on February 14, 270. As far back as we know, lovers exchanged gifts on the anniversary of his death.

In the 16th and 17th Centuries, popular Valentine gifts were garters and gloves. Other gifts included flowers, heart-shaped objects, and self-portraits. In 18th Century France, young people were called out of their houses to join a village festival where they were to seek out their “Valentine” in the crowd.

Around 1750, the Valentine card came into fashion. Hand-made and very ornate, the card was decorated with lace, gold, and paintings of flowers. It also bore a passionate love poem. The hand-made card continued for about 100 years until the manufactured card gradually took its place. It, too, was ornate, and heavy with shells, flowers, and lace surrounding golden cupids.

And now, which token of love will you present to your beloved? To give you some ideas, let us look at a few unusual gifts.

1) Personal Chef – What could be more wonderful than coming home to a dinner fit for a king or queen every night? Since your Valentine is royalty in your eyes, such a meal would be befitting. You can hire a chef to come to the house to cook the food or have the pre-cooked meal delivered and ready to serve. Hire the service for two weeks to one month.

2) Oil Portrait of Your Valentine – Capture the beauty or the handsomeness of your beloved in an oil portrait. This does not have to be an expensive gift. There are top-rated art students who produce outstanding paintings. It usually takes 4 sittings of 3 hours each. Visit art schools and local galleries to find the most gifted artists. Your Valentine will love you for it.

3) Amazing Name Scroll – Present your beloved with a painting of his or her first name. This beautiful scroll includes the first name, a history of the name and its meaning, and famous people who bear that name. All this is finely lettered against the background of a painting or a crest. The scroll is ready for framing. Accompanying the scroll is a free gift you will treasure.

4) Personalized Jewelry or Accessories – For her, an exquisite brooch in the shape of her sign of the zodiac is sure to thrill her. This brooch could be in gold and studded with pearls, sapphires, or other gemstones. Inside the piece, have a short message from you engraved. For him, a pair of gold cufflinks might be the perfect gift. Have his initials engraved on the cufflinks.

5) Champagne and Glasses – Celebrate your love with champagne. And, drink your champagne from champagne flutes engraved with both your names or initials. Champagne always turns an occasion into a time to remember with a special expression of love.

Well that is about it. Perhaps, you got some ideas from this article about the love and passion behind Saint Valentine’s Day plus unusual gifts for your special Valentine. Have a wonderful celebration and make it a memorable day for the both of you.