Online Dating – First Email

So, you’ve already found the dating site you want to use. You’ve taken your time, read a few articles and think you have a pretty good profile. Now you begin your search to look for that person of your dreams. It should be so easy now, right? Well, I wouldn’t go that far. You have to remember that the person you’re contacting has most likely been contacted before, especially if he or she is a long-time and/or an attractive person. This is why the online dating first email is such an important step in breaking the ice.

You might not think too much about it, but an online dating first email is probably the hardest thing you’ll do when using a dating site. No, I don’t mean hard as in actual “work.” Think of it more as a test. When contemplating what to write in an online dating first email, it should be all about the person you’re sending it to – that’s first and foremost. For example: the person you’re sending the online dating first email to has an affinity for Chinese food and Lil Wayne. Do you have something in common here?

It’s better to be non-specific in this area. You may think a great way to open is to say “Wow, I love Chinese food and Lil Wayne, too,” but this comes across like you’re trying too hard. In your online dating first email, you should hint to having the same interests, without appearing agreeable. Like: “I like your interests; we have a lot in common.” See the difference? It’s the subtleties like these that either make or break your chances in your online dating first email.

Another thing to remember about an online dating first email is that it needs to be an informal introduction, not a novel! So many people write 3, 4, even 500-word emails to their targeted mate. Needless to say, this is far too long if you’re looking for effectiveness. Your online dating first email should be short, sweet, and to the point. Also, you want to make the email conversational. This means no “lol,” “W/E,” “ttfn,” or other forms of Inter-slang. At the same time, you don’t want to get overly wordy. Keep it informal and well-written.

In your online dating first email, I know you’re just itching to scream out, “You’re so hot!” Well, don’t do this… seriously. This is especially true for guys writing an online dating first email to a girl. You don’t need to compliment her looks at all. To the contrary – even if looks are what drew you in to her page – comment on her profile, likes and dislikes, etc, but never on physical appearance.

Read over the person’s profile before sending the online dating first email. If he/she already answers a question in their profile, be sure not to ask it again. In fact, try to avoid asking anything. Simply let them know you’re interested. Remember to keep it short, sweet, non-intrusive, professional, and simple. Follow these steps and this email could be the first of many.

A Party For a Little Cupid – Valentines Day Baby Showers

Valentines Day is a day for the giving and receiving of love. And because of that, if your best friend, sister or wife is expecting a baby a little bit beyond that February 14 date, what better day is there to pass all that love around and celebrate the product of love than holding your baby shower on Valentines Day? There are so many things you can do to make this wonderful holiday even more special!

How do you go about setting up that wonderful Valentines day baby shower then? It’s easy! If you start from the invitations, you can find a lot of ideas that perfectly suit the mood of the event. As chocolates are some of the most popular gifts this side of February, why not go for chocolate invitations? You can send your potential guests invitations of chocolates with the details of the party attached to the box. Sweet, isn’t it?

And for decorations, you need not fear! Use cupid as a wonderful inspiration and watch as the room lights up in a sea of red and pink! Getting balloons of those colors and shaped as little cupid would make the perfect Valentines baby shower decoration idea (because cupid IS a cute little baby, right?). And using red and pink baby’s clothes to hang around the venue is one of the best ways to make your February fab for a baby shower party.

And what kind of food do you need for the sweetest day of the year? Why only the sweetest of course! Use a combination of several sweets like chocolate, strawberry, honey, cheese, ice cream and punch to bring out your guests’ sweet teeth and make them roll all over the floor in a sugar rush! And if you’re in a party full of health conscious people, going for dark chocolate and fruits is a great alternative.