Halloween Supplies

If you are still on the process of planning for your Halloween party, you may want to read this article for some tips and suggestions. Coming up with the right decorations and costumes can be really confusing and will leave you feeling very unsure regarding your decisions. Costume shops and specialty stores in your area may not provide you with everything that you may need. Hence, you can always check the internet and look for several online shops that provide and offer Halloween supplies and scary costumes.

If you do not like the costumes that are displayed in the local stores and you are a under a tight budget., you can always make your own Halloween costume. Let your imagination run wild and be creative with your costume. You can also make your Halloween decorations from scratch. Just search your house for old table cloths, used tee shirts, old dolls and old Christmas lights. Transform these old stuff into creepy Halloween creatures of the night. You can always look for cheap Halloween supplies around your town. All you need is patience and your creative mind to work wonders for your Halloween party.

To give you ideas for a cool Halloween theme, you can look back during the early 80’s party scene and do a remake of it. Pay attention to the details and recreate the scene. You can go as one of the popular rock stars during that time or a famous personality from that period. Consider decorating your party with Halloween supplies that can give you a very 80’s ambiance.

To dress up your kids for the Halloween trick or treating, you can check out costumes of superheroes, comic book characters, animals, angels and cupids. Scary Halloween costumes can also be worn by your kids like the walking skeleton boy, little witch, child vampire and little devils. It is important to ask them of their opinions and ideas. You can also make costumes for them. This activity can be a lot of fun if you do it together with your kids.

When decorating your house for a Halloween party, you also may want your kids to help out with the work.. Have them set up the fake cobwebs in you lawn and put it creepy fake insect crawlies to add an eerie effect. Let them put the little pumpkin lights along your driveway and make them give out candies to every trick or treaters that will knock on your door. 

A Valentines Day History

Valentines Day, also known as St. Valentines Day, is an almost world wide holiday celebrated even in Japan and Africa, amongst many others . This holiday, originated well over a thousand years ago in Europe, is held in celebration of Saint Valentine. Well, actually there were several founders, all martyrs of Christianity with the same name. No one knows exactly why they are celebrated, and even Pope Gelasius I who started the holiday in 496 A.D. only says they were great men whose deeds where known only to god. The idea of two lovers celebrating romance came in much late later near the 14th century probably to make up for the vagueness of the celebration or at least that was the first time it was associated with love in one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s poems.

Regardless of where this lovely holiday came from, nowadays it is practically the second most celebrated holiday right after Christmas, according to greeting card sales. The main theme of Valentines Day is hearts, lots and lots of red and pink hearts floating about everywhere. You could also throw in a cupid or two aiming a heart shaped arrow at someone. The best and most prominent way to celebrate Valentines Day is to send a valentine to close friends and families as well as anyone you may have fallen in love with. This usually consists of a Valentines card, and chocolate or flowers. Handmade Valentines are preferable, though store-bought is certainly good enough if you need a lot of Valentines.

A lot of people choose to go on a date for Valentines dinner, but for lunch with friends and family you could try to hold a small party. Just make sure to have plenty of paper plates and plastic cups, and utensils so that you can clean up quickly to have time for later. You may want to purchase a heart shaped bracelet or necklace as a gift as well.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Kids!

So February 14th is rolling around again, and why not take advantage of this holiday by giving your children a little extra love and attention. As a parent myself, I am sure that you give your children all the love and attention they need, but I also know that sometimes we get caught up in the hustles and bustles of day to day life. Use this opportunity so you too can relax, have fun and maybe even be a kid again yourself! With a little extra time and effort you can make this day extra special and unique, by celebrating and reconnecting with your children in the tradition of Valentine’s Day. Here are some fun ways to celebrate with your kids:

1)Plan Ahead! Sit down with your child the weekend before Valentine’s Day and help them write or create Valentine’s Day cards for their friends and classmates. Use this opportunity to teach your child a good life lesson, “To be kind to others and treat everyone with the same respect that they would like for themselves”. Think back to your days of grade school. Remember how sometimes Valentine’s Day became a measure of popularity when one child got no Valentine’s, while another child got more Valentine’s then even another. It may be a nice gesture to encourage your child to equally give Valentine’s Day cards to all of their classmates and friends.

2)Even though you may not be able to spend the entire day with your child, you can make your presence known during the middle of the day by leaving an “I Love You”, “XOXOXO”, or Happy Valentine’s Day card or note in their lunchbox. It might embarrass them a little, but deep down inside it will warm their hearts and have a lasting loving affect.

3)Make an extra special dinner for the family. Why not have a family picnic? Depending on which part of the country you live in, some of you may be thinking “Hey, it’s cold in February!” Be creative, you can have a picnic either inside or outside. Think red or pink for theme decor. Lay a red or pink blanket down, surround yourself with pillows and make it comfy! Use some heart shaped decorative napkins, Valentine’s Day themed plastic plates and utensils. For the meal, red or pink food coloring can turn almost any food into a Valentine’s Day themed food. How about some Valentine’s Day BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes with red food coloring added, or white cheddar macaroni and cheese with red food coloring added. For the veggies you can have tomatoes, radishes, red peppers, or beets. For drinks, cherry flavored cool aid, raspberry ginger ale, or strawberry Quick may be fun! Ready for dessert? You can use the traditional sweets such as heart shaped chocolates, cupcakes with red or pink frosting, or sugar cookies cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter made with red food coloring and sprinkles. Or try some healthy alternatives, sugar-free strawberry or cherry Jell-O, strawberries and cool whip, or apples sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and cut into hearts using a heart shaped cookie cutter.

4)Give them a lesson in history! Are you wondering why we even begun celebrating Valentine’s Day? I am sure your kids were wondering the same thing. Here is a little history that you can share with them over you special dinner. Some of the legends that I have heard state:

a) St. Valentine was a priest during third century Rome, and the emperor during
this time was Emperor Claudius II. Emperor Claudius II felt that single men made better soldiers then those that were married. St. Valentine was a priest that married young couples against his Emperor’s wishes. When Emperor Claudius II found out that St. Valentine married the young couples, he sentenced St.Valentine to death.

b) Another fable states that Valentine was an imprisoned man that fell in
love with his imprisoner’s daughter. Right before Valentine was put to death he wrote a love letter to the imprisoner’s daughter and signed it “Your Valentine”.

c) Yet another tale speaks of Cupid as he relates to Valentine’s Day. In ancient Greece Cupid was known as Eros the young son of Aphrodite,(the goddess of love and beauty). While, in Rome, he was the son of Mercury, (winged messenger of the gods), and his mother was Venus the (goddess of love). Either way, he was considered a mischievous and playful infant who struck humans and gods with his bow and arrows. It has been declared that those who were struck by the arrows would fall in love.

5)Involve your kids in a family project! Buy a disposable camera for each family member, and take pictures during your day. Buy some pink, red, or white poster boards and label them “My Special Valentine’s Day, “Valentine’s Day with My Family”, or anything else, you as a family choose! Don’t forget to add the year so you can remember the exact date. Use glitter, stickers, and colored markers to decorate. Once you develop the photos, you can add the photos to the decorated poster board as a family and create a collage of your special day.

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However you decide to celebrate this day, make it a memorable one with teachings of love, friendship, kindness, and family unity. The Staff at KidsDecorGalore.com wants to provide you with great articles like this one, and a secure online shopping environment without the hassle and time of running all over town to create your dream nursery, bedroom, or playroom.

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