3 Great Valentines Party Ideas

Party favors are a must at any Valentine’s Day party. Guests will demand some sort of chocolate return for coming, so why not give them kisses when they arrive at the door, Chocolate Kisses of course. This little play on words will delight your guests into an instant smile and make them feel special. Plus the chemicals in chocolate will work to lighten their moods helping to ensure a good party. You can also buy red wax lips to wear when you answer the door and give people a giggle. These also work well as party favors.

Red and Pink are common colors for this holiday, but it can get overdone. Try throwing a flip-side party. Instead of red, decorate in green and instead of hearts for decoration use brains or something unusual like feet. Since chocolate is sweet make sure your menu includes the opposite, sour foods. Party candy can be sour lemon drops. When you send out invitations, make sure they are ‘Don’t be my Valentine’ Cards rather than the traditional. Put up warning signs like, ‘Stop in the name of love’ or ‘No love here.’ Guests will get a kick out of your unique idea.

For many parties geared at adults you get play Cupid to encourage love matches between guests, subtly of course. The best way to do this is to have lots of fun games. Twister gets people together and will also get everyone laughing at how out of shape they’ve gotten. Maybe you’d like to flash to the past and set up a game of Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare with pre-written questions involving Valentine’s Day so that guests don’t ask inappropriate questions and ruin the party. Take the time to sit down and think about what you really want at your next Valentine’s Day party, so guests will enjoy a unique creation by you.